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All of our products are handcrafted in Munich, Germany and we will try to fulfill any request you have to bring you the ultimate one of a kind Dock to your home.

Our product portfolio is always expanding, as we research how to convert vintage electronic devices into something that shines on your desk.

We can add additional functionality as well, like our Kodak Instamatic bedside iPhone stand with integrated desk light. It’s Integrated LED light helps you finding stuff at night on your bedside table or gives you just enough light on your desk when you browse the web the web in the evening.


Or our App-enabled Dock out of a Polaroid 635. which doubles as a nice looking desk-clock.

Now you know when it is to time to go out shooting.
It even shows you the latest pictures from your Instagram friends or pictures from the popular stream. Several clock faces are available to match your Polaroid. This conversion is even completely reversible, so you can swap the dock to another up-folding Polaroid if you feel like you want to go out and shoot with your precious.


We also offer conversion services for YOUR Polaroid camera. You just send us yours in and we convert it into a one of a kind iPhone Dock. Just use our contact form for a price inquiry to get your camera converted. –!>